Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So I was thinking about blogs today and why I haven't done more of it. I actually enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings. When I was in 2nd grade, all I wanted to be was the governor of Idaho. That's because I wanted to drive in a limo and I thought that was what you had to do to get a limo. Ahhh the simple minds of kids. Well, I still like politics and I like attention - the good kind - and I like helping people. So one of the reasons I've hesitated blogging more is because I don't want to say something that might some day come back to bite me in the you know what. But lately I've thought, who cares right? So what if it does. And who knows what tomorrow will bring. Live the here and now while preparing for tomorrow. But live today! So here I am. It is midnight and I should be heading home to my wonderful wife. We closed the store tonight at 10:10. Had a couple come in at the last minute. Couldn't have cared less that our open sign was off and half the lights were off. They wanted ice cream. So we served them! After I got dishes done and closed out the till, it was after 11. Then I checked the bank accounts, submitted the credit cards, and checked facebook (normal routine). Then I warmed up the car and got the deposit ready for tomorrow. And now here I am blogging at midnight. (I turned the car off Al Gore.)

I guess I really should keep this short because my wife is so very patient with me. But when you work a 14 hour day, you just feel like a piece of lettuce--no substance left. I have no drive to even get up. Tomorrow I start a job with the Census. It appears that I will be QAC or quality access controller or something like that. I will be traveling every thursday and friday down to the bear lake and southeastern part of Idaho to do something. I don't even understand yet. But I'll know better tomorrow. They pay about $8/hour, $.50/mile, $34/day for food, hotel and I get paid while I drive. It will be easy. And kinda relaxing methinks. I wish it were more pay per hour, but hey, this is a job that works around my school schedule, and will still allow me to put in about 30 hours a week in the store at the busier times - night. So it will be good. Dad is going to have to pick up the slack going from about 38 hours to 45 hours a week in the store. He says he can handle it. I believe him. Sometimes I wonder what things would be like if I were in this without him. I can honestly say that I don't think it would be better. We make a great team and while things have been tough, they are definitely better that we work together. The job will help me make my house payment until it sells. The store hasn't been able to feed us much of anything lately. It's been slow this winter. It's like in September someone yelled DON'T SPEND ANY MONEY! Our revenue was cut in more than half. It's been interesting. We've learned how to be more efficient and work harder. Our labor has been substantially lower. When the government says that a higher minimum wage is better for people, they don't think about the big picture. And when they decide to scare the public and consumer confidence is down, it is definitely bad for business. It's funny too, because 93% of the people in this valley have the same jobs they had 2 years ago. It's all a mind set. We'll make it through. Our numbers are already picking up with the weather. And when you figure in the fact that our labor is so much lower this year, our numbers are quite comparable to last years. Not the same volume, but the same ratios. So we are planning on a good summer.

Holli and I are still trying to get to Texas. It's been more difficult than we ever could have imagined. I won't go into detail because it's hard to explain. If you ever want to know, feel free to ask me. I love talking about business. We are persistent and we are determined. We believe whole heartedly in Sub Zero and what it means to the world. It is the best ice cream money can buy. The business concept is sound and it will get tweaked in years to come into the best business model you could every participate in. We are right in the middle of it and that is a great honor. We'll fight on. We wouldn't be where we are without the help of a wonderful family. You guys are all fantastic! I hope you know that. Thanks for the prayers and support.

And finally, about this blog. I don't want it to be a journal. I want to share my thoughts and feelings. I want to express my concerns about things from religion to the economy to politics to random thoughts. So please read and let me know what you think. And if there is anything you would ever like my opinion on, please ask. It will give me something to think about during the hours of the night I can't sleep. Besides, I get pretty bored during my classes! Thanks for reading!